Sometimes you might just have a couple of hours and want to do something to pass the time. The Beinn Ghuilean circuit, Campbeltown, is a great way to do this. It’s not very strenuous and the terrain is really easy, even for me! What I did find confusing was the signage but then again I find lots of things confusing.

What’s the walk like?

It starts, apparently, in Campbeltown. So I dutifully parked the car near Aqualibrium and set out with the kids up Tomaig Road past the Creamery.

Crosshill Loch

It really starts at the trail entrance at the head of Tomaig Road but it’s less disruptive to local residents and a prefered option if you just park in town.

Beinn Ghuilean has multiple spellings having suffered anglicisation when the Ordnance Survey maps were drawn up. Translated from Gaelic it means “Hill of Shoulders”… gualainn being a shoulder so there’s a variation!

The walk is really easy going. There are fantastic views as you progress through the route. Key points are the cattle gate at the farm and the signposted start of the trails further on with fabulous views of Crosshill Loch to the left.

Feeling lost?

Honestly, this walk is easy but even as a seasoned hiker I was seduced by the wonderful forestry trail that’s been laid. You can follow that but if you follow it to its conclusion it’s a dead end.

So instead, shortly after you see the start of the trail (the signpost) and after you pass Crosshill Loch, look out for a blue post with a boot print on it above head level, it will be next to a dark coloured ramp on the right side of the trail. Get yourself up that and follow the woodland trail and you’ll be fine.

Bench with a view

Once you reach this bench, you have gorgeous views over Campbeltown and can take a leisurely walk down to the right. It’s a great little walk, not too strenuous at all but has a great reward for your eyes.

Relaxing bench at the top
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