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Driving hints!

Helpful for single track roads.

How far is Cuilidh Holiday Home from the center of Carradale?

Cuilidh (pronounced Kool-ee) Holiday Home is right on the edge of Seneval Woods with Crow Wood, Bellenmeanach Wood and Century Wood in the background. The living room and bedroom windows offer stunning views of the Creag an Daimh, Cnoc nan Gabhar (Deer Hill), the surrounding hills and treeline and it’s just a short five minute walk to the centre of the village.

Do we need a car in Carradale?

This really depends on what you want to do and how you got here! For general convenience and if you do want to explore the rest of the stunningly beautiful Kintyre peninsula then we would highly and strongly recommend that you do.

If you would just like to relax and enjoy local walking, sightseeing or sit in and work on your novel with the wood burner crackling then you won’t. Local bus services are available (and you may have got here using that) but keep in mind the population is low so services aren’t as frequent as you may be used to elsewhere.

How can I get to Carradale?

Carradale is on the east coast of the stunning Kintyre peninsula. There are no dual carriageways, it’s mainly one A road with B roads that form the network. Many of the B roads are single track with lots of Passing Places.

By road

Take the A82 from Glasgow passing Loch Lomond which will be on your right. At Tarbet take the A83 towards Arrochar, taking in sights at Inveraray with Loch Long visible on your left. Continue on the A83 passing through Lochgilphead. A few miles south of Tarbert at Kennacraig (Calmac ferries) you can either take the B8001 and join the B842 at Claonaig to B879 Carradale or continue on the A83 toward Campbeltown joining the B842 there then the B879. The latter adds 28 miles to the trip but can be handy if you need last minute supplies or either the B8001 or B842 north of Carradale is closed.

By ferry

Calmac ferries – look for the Firth of Clyde timetables.

Take the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick on the Isle of Arran. Take the A841 to Lochranza and join the ferry there taking the Lochranza to Claonaig route where you can take the B842 to Carradale. Or bypass Arran and take the ferry from Ardrossan to Campbeltown and join the B842.

By air

Flybe run a twice daily flight to Machrihanish air strip, situated just outside Campbeltown. More details can be found on their website.

By bus

From Glasgow, take the West Coast Motors 926 bus to Campbeltown via Oban. Once here West Coast Motors also provide local services. In particular you may want the Campbeltown and Carradale service. More details of their services can be found on their website.


  • No pets are allowed. Sorry.
When can we check in and out?
  • You can check in at or after 4pm on your arrival day.
  • You must check out before 10:00am on your check out day. This allows us to reset the property for the next holiday guests.


Do we need to do any cleaning?
  • This is a self-catering holiday home and you are responsible for cleaning your own materials, clothing, the cooking and eating utensils and for leaving the holiday home in a clean condition.
  • You are not normally expected to clean the bedding in readiness for other guests, that’s our job. We swap bedding and other materials as part of the changeover. However if you or your guests have soiled the sheets or bedding then you will need to do us the courtesy of washing them. Spares are available.
  • There is a washing machine for clothing, tea towels, dishcloths and sheets etc.
Are we allowed to smoke?
  • Traditional, tobacco based smoking is not allowed within the property because of the smell that sticks to furniture and materials no matter what you do to try and prevent it. As smokers ourselves it really pains us to say that no smoking is allowed. We don’t even smoke inside!
  • Vaping is allowed though.


How many people can book?
  • There’s a maximum comfortable occupancy of six persons. These could be any age but there needs to be at least one responsible adult capable of looking after the other guests.
  • We can add two inflatable mattresses allowing two additional persons but this is by exception and prior written arrangement.
  • A cot is available if required.


Do I need holiday insurance?
  • We would absolutely recommend you have robust holiday insurance that is valid throughout your stay.
How remote is Carradale?

Carradale is very remote.

It is serviced only by a West Coast Motor Services bus route. If you get here by bus then you’ll be reliant on that service if you haven’t any other form of transport. This is okay if it’s what you want but quite limiting in terms of timely travel to other areas of Kintyre.

There is only one main bar at the Carradale Hotel (although the Ashbank Hotel offers some lovely beers and wines) and no general store although milk and bread is sold at the Ashbank Hotel. It is so remote you might hear yourself think and allow yourself to let the world in and be creative, like Naomi Mitchison did.  Or you may simply enjoy the feeling of getting away from it all.

The local people are very friendly, genuine and helpful and depending on where you are from you might find it unusual. Don’t worry, this is normal and what we should all strive for wherever we live. You’ll love Carradale.

Is there internet access?

Yes there is! You can connect to the wi-fi router as you would in any cafe or at home. The password is in the Welcome Brochure. This service can be subject to sporadic interruptions due to the remoteness of the holiday home and can’t be guaranteed.

Is there a television?

Terrestrial television is available and there is a selection of DVD’s and access to our PLEX media server for a selection of films and TV series. There are plenty of board games supplied too. Satellite and Cable TV services are not available. Radio reception is also fine.

Is there a local Doctor?

Yes there is. The website is here: http://www.carradalesurgery.co.uk/

The Carradale Surgery
Carradale, Argyll, PA28 6QG
Tel: 01583 431376

It’s a ten minute walk from the holiday home to reach it. The main points to note are that you can register with the Carradale Surgery as a temporary resident and any prescriptions you need are via the NHS with prescriptions being free in Scotland.

What is mobile network coverage like?

Coverage is limited, it is a remote area of the country and mobile companies do have a responsibility to improve matters. Please select your provider from the list below to determine probable coverage they give you. You’ll need to enter Carradale or PA28 6RZ for the search location.




Is there a playground nearby for the kids?

Yes there is! Just outside the front door 5 minutes along a short path heading toward Deer Hill through Seneval Wood you’ll find a Lottery Funded playground with the usual assortment of swings and see-saws.

Have you got a baby/child utilities?

Yes, we have a travel cot that is available for use. We also have a high chair, a child booster seat and a baby bath.  Please let us know you want it out of storage when you make the booking.

What about specialised access or usage?
  • The front storm door unless opened fully is quite narrow and has a step and vestibule. The inner door is standard and has a raised threshold.
  • The back door is of a standard width and has a step and a slightly raised threshold.
  • All utilities are on the ground floor, including one bedroom.
  • The bathroom and kitchen don’t have any specialised fittings or access.
  • You may use the garden and front lawn for normal and acceptable purposes.
  • The garden has rights of way to the next door property and there is currently no gating or fencing between them therefore it is not to be considered secure.
Groceries and supplies

There is a temporary village shop filled with local Kintyre produce and staples just outside the Village Hall (you pass it on the way in to Carradale). It’s open daily 10am until 2pm except Sunday’s.

In West Carradale there’s a Post Office with some gifts, souvenirs, kindling, wood logs and so on. There’s even a garage with a mechanic.

For a more extensive selection of goods you’ll need to pay a visit to the Co-op or Tesco Metro in Campbeltown.

What if we’re stuck indoors?

If you’re having a bit of a duvet day there is a wide selection of books available on our shelves you can read, some of them you can use to research your next goals. We also offer a selection of family board games and a Wii with a selection of games for those rainy days indoors. Plus there’s the aforementioned TV, DVD player and streaming service.

Is there mountain bike or buggy hire in Carradale?

Yes there is! Carradale Bikes and Buggies offer a range of mountain bikes and all terrain buggies all year round. More details can be found on their website: http://www.carradalebikesandbuggies.co.uk/ Carradale Bikes and Buggies are just a 15 minute walk away from Cuilidh Holiday Home.

How does the heating and hot water work?

We detail this in our Welcome Brochure.

As a quick summary:

The multi fuel burner (taking wood or coal), once lit for about 30 minutes, not only boils enough hot water for normal domestic use but also serves the radiators in each room.

The immersion heater is on a timer and heats up a tank of water twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening but is not to be used if the burner is on.

If you require a quick burst of room heat, each room has panel convection heaters.

So in cases of no electricity or no immediate requirement you can use the multi-fuel burner. If you require some immediacy while the burner is getting up to speed then use the electric option but be sure to turn it off to prevent wastage.

Do we need to do any cooking?
  • This is a self-catering holiday home and you are responsible for providing and preparing your own food and drink.
  • We do provide a welcome basket with some essentials to get you started.
  • There is a fridge with freezer compartment, a freezer, a microwave, a slow cooker and an electric 4 hob oven and grill.


Wood, Coal, Electricity
  • We provide you with a reasonable amount of wood logs and coal (Surefire) for normal use however you might use more than we expect!  If that’s the case you’ll need to buy some extra fuel from D McNair. You can pick it up or they can deliver to Carradale for free on Thursdays. Surefire (type of coal) 50KG is around £21 and a bag of hardwood logs are around £8.
  • We’ve provided enough electricity credit for normal use. If you have or will run out then you will need to buy additional credit. You can replenish the credit by taking the Scottish Power electricity key to the local Post Office in West Carradale or the Co-op in Campbeltown that has a Post Office.
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The wild beauty of the West Coast

…can be terribly scary! The more remote you are, the less you see of motorways. You end up on A roads which are okay but then start to find yourself on B roads and single track roads. All of these can offer limited options for overtaking and road conditions can sometimes be hazardous.

If you are not used to single track roads you could be forgiven for not knowing how to use them both properly and with the proper consideration for other drivers. To help spread some Highway Code knowledge we have linked this recommended video.

These roads can at first seem daunting, even downright scary. People could be signalling they wish to overtake (or even worse, tailgating you) but if you feel you are driving at a reasonable speed you may be unsure how to react.

Putting yourself in their position, people in front could be driving at slow speeds making you late for a ferry or hospital appointment, these people could be just taking their time watching the scenery with a convoy of twenty angry motorists behind and one of those motorists could be tempted to make a fatal mistake that could affect not only them but others. Rule 125 and Rule 144 are the main protagonists here and part of Rule 144 is driving with consideration for other motorists.

Being not only applicable to single track roads but to all, travel at a speed that is legal for the road and comfortable for you (Rule 146). If that means you are slow compared to others,  let them pass as soon as it is safe and legal to do so (Rule 168). And don’t forget, it’s those travelling uphill that get priority on single track roads (Rule 155). Enjoy your stay, safely and with consideration for others.

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